SSC Premiere Partnership Program

Looking for a Longer Term Partnership?

The Smith Strategies & Consulting Partnership Program is our premiere program,  engaging with your organization as your in resident strategist.

Details of the Offer

During our designated time together, we will provide services related to specific initiatives and their deliverables, as well as expertise in general operating strategies. These services could include strategic planning, coaching, execution, project management, and training needs for board members and staff.

Partnership terms are for at least 6 months, starting at $7,000/month and can increase based on complexity.

Let’s Work Together!

To learn more about our partnership program, let’s schedule a time for us to connect. I would love to learn more about your organization, discuss the specific outcomes and goals that your organization is looking for, and provide more details of the program.

Prior to you booking this service, click the below button to schedule a call with us to discuss your needs and timeline. We want to make sure that we can execute effectively within the timeline you need.

Once You Have Booked…

After we connect and you have booked your service, you will receive an email requesting of some prepared questions in preparation for our time together. Review them and feel free to engage the necessary stakeholders with their responses in advance of our meeting. This could include any staff members or board members, for example. 

Are you excited? I know I am pumped to work with you! Let’s Do This – Together!